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The Badge Of A Mason

by Judge C. Clyde Myers 32 degree THE NEW AGE – JULY 1950 Each and every Mason treasures a white lambskin as a badge to remind him of that purity of life and conduct in which it is necessary for him to live a good and upright life. We wear

The Lambskin Apron

By Auri SpigelmanIt was “Lambskin Apron Night” at the Lodge. The brethren excitedly unfurled their precious possessions, some for the first time since being raised as Master Masons, tied them around their waists and wore them with pride. Some of our older brethren were rather reluctant to participate, because they mistakenly remembered being told


-by- Marvin E. Fowler, PGM, DCGrand Master, Grand Encampment, Knights TemplarI want to talk briefly on the subject of discrimination.I live in Virginia, and I suspect if you would ask the first1,000 Virginians you should meet to tell you somethingabout discrimination, some 990 would confine their repliesto the racial struggle

What Makes You A Mason

-by- Wallace M. GageGrand Historian, Grand Lodge of MaineEvery Mason has heard that question – “What makes youa Mason” – and had to answer it. It is, of course a part ofthe catechism he has to learn, in some jurisdictions, for theEntered Apprentice degree and others for the MasterMason Degree.The

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