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August 24, 2015 @ 10:06 pm by admin

Get Ready for Make a Difference Day

Order your Make a Difference Day shirt today to support Masonic youth.

This Oct. 3, Masons throughout California will celebrate Make a Difference Day.

Wondering how your lodge can mark this fun fraternal occasion? Here are some tips:

• Start the ball rolling with Masonic youth: Schedule a meeting with youth leaders, and encourage them to take charge of the agenda to kick off a fun, collaborative process.

• Brainstorm possible activities: From assisting elderly fraternal family members, supporting public schools, or organizing a neighborhood preservation project, the sky’s the limit when it comes to helping your community. Choose an activity your brothers can rally behind.

• Build excitement: Include ads in upcoming Trestleboards, mark the event on your lodge calendar, and ask members to mark theirs and get involved in the planning process. Many hands make light work – and help build a strong brotherhood.

Get even more tips, including a step-by-step guide in the August Leader.

All articles may be repurposed by any Masonic publication with credit to the Grand Lodge of California. Print this article and post it at lodge; include it in your Trestleboard or website; email it to members; or use the buttons at the top of this page to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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