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September 10, 2015 @ 1:03 am by admin

California Freemason October/November Cover Art

The cover artwork for the October/November issue of California Freemason was designed by Chen Design Associates (CDA). For each issue of the magazine, California Freemason staff partner closely with CDA designers to capture the magazine theme in a creative context. Through this collaborative process, CDA fully develops two designs, which are presented to California Freemason staff for final approval. The team then chooses the direction that best reflects the nature of the magazine theme and content.

“In both of our cover concepts for the October/November issue, the primary goal was to create a palpable sense of individuals working together, without depicting the individuals themselves,” explains Max Spector, CDA design director. “Instead, metaphor and allegory yield iconic artwork, connecting the concept to the deeper undercurrents of the theme.”

Shown here is the final cover of the magazine:


“For the selected cover,” explains Spector, “the array of drafting tools indicates the presence of many individuals involved in the project – many unseen hands collaborating in a creative endeavor. The hand-drafted letters that form the words ‘Rise and Build’ are the finished product of this team effort.”

Shown here is the runner-up cover:


“For this cover option, we also feel the presence of a community coming together for a shared purpose,” Spector says. “The metaphor is different but the message is very much the same. The beehive is a deeply embedded Masonic symbol, and the bees carry a sense of humility and duty.”

While both designs captured the imaginations of California Freemason staff, the architecturally themed cover was ultimately selected because the concept of “Rise and Build” in contemporary California Masonry is so aptly portrayed by the image of a blueprint. In collaboratively drafting the 2020 Fraternity Plan, which will chart the course for the next five years, Masons throughout California have gathered together around a metaphorical drafting table to design our shared future.

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