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October 6, 2015 @ 1:21 am by admin

New Beginning, New Connections

Members of Green Dragon lodge (from left): Member Willard Lusk, Senior Deacon Joel Helms, Junior Warden David Patrick, Marshal Brian Tidwell, Master Gary Jackson, Treasurer Steve Hubble, and Member Jon Wong

In August, California’s newest lodge – Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship, U.D. in Bakersfield – celebrated its institution.

Along with Grand Master Russ Charvonia, members organized an impactful service project to help mark the occasion. They gathered at the historic Union Cemetery, where they planted an Acacia Tree in the Masonic section, and also cleaned graffiti from a Masonic monument.

This project falls closely in line with Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship’s service-oriented philosophy. The lodge originally took shape as a service group composed of Masons and non-Members.

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