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Prepare to Lead


Annual leadership retreats for current lodge officers provide ongoing education, targeted training for each office, and updates on organizational advancements. Get ready for a successful year – with hands-on workshops, stimulating discussions, and new best practices. Mark your calendar for retreats near you. Registration will be available soon.

Secretary & Treasurer Retreats

Secretary and Treasurer Retreats offer tactical training on new and existing resources. Learn best practices and discover tools to ease administrative duties.

2016 Locations and Dates
Northern: January 22-24 (San Ramon)
Southern: February 26-28 (Irvine)

Master & Wardens Retreats

Master and Wardens Retreats offer a team-based workshop approach to planning for each lodge’s future. The retreats are open to all current lodge masters, wardens, and junior wardens. Lodge leaders are encouraged to attend as a team for maximum benefit.

2016 Locations and Dates
Northwest: March 11-13 (Monterey)
Southwest: April 8-10 (Irvine)
Northeast: April 15-17 (Lake Tahoe)
Southeast: May 20-22 (Palm Springs)

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