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Committed to a Greener Lodge


In preparation for their 100th anniversary in 2013, members of King David’s Lodge No. 209 began predicting needed structural updates for the historic lodge building in 2009. Among the identified improvements were restoring their building’s façade to its 1913 original design and notable improvements inside the building.

And, there was the roof. In early 2014 a water leak caused the lodge to expedite the replacement of the old roof. Since it was such a major repair, they also considered the building’s other vital systems – its inefficient swamp coolers, and energy-demanding HVAC units. The lodge opted to install modern gas/electric air conditioning and heating units – and to “go solar” by installing a state-of-the-art solar panel array on the roof.

After soliciting many contractor bids in the greater San Luis Obispo community, and completing a capital campaign, the lodge moved forward with its project; the roof was completed in fall 2015. “A lot of credit goes to the Board of Directors of our Masonic Hall Association,” says Master Christian Marano. “I think they did an excellent job in preparing and executing this major project.”

“The solar technology we selected is cutting edge and designed for energy neutrality. The roofing system chosen is state-of-the art and reflects heat,” says Marano. “We wanted our building to become an exemplar in initiatives of renewable energy sources and environmental advocacy.”

“King David’s Lodge is pleased to note that the prime contractor for the work, Alonzo Construction, is owned and operated by Mark Alonzo, an active member of the lodge,” explains Treasurer Mike Schatz. “It is also notable that all of the subcontractors involved in the project are based in San Luis Obispo County, so the lodge once again has fulfilled its on-going goal of investing in the community it serves in many other ways.”

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