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January 5, 2016 @ 10:44 pm by admin

Ringing in the New Year


It’s a brand new year and a great time to set new goals for our personal lives and think about how we can better serve our fraternity. With this in mind, we asked more than 100,000 Masons of California Facebook fans to share their Masonic resolutions.

From the many responses we received, it’s clear that brothers from around the world are ready for 2016. Here are a few of thier Masonic resolutions:

“To excel as a Freemason and inspire the brethren to build: Build a better family, a better lodge, and a better community.” Francis Villareal

“To be more vigilant and fraternal, and to advance Masonic studies!” Silvio Costa

“To promote brotherly love and harmony among brethren.” Thonee de Guzman

“To be the best Mason I know how to be, to do my duties to the best of my abilities, and to contribute to my lodge, without being asked. And, above all, to bring honor to my lodge and Masonry in general.” Bubba Avery

“As a candidate, to complete my three degrees and become active in my lodge.” Ryan King

“To advance my Masonic studies and those values I committed to at the altar.” Steve Walker

“To be more diligent, prudent, temperate, and discreet.” Neil Kent Brown

“My resolution is to become a Mason.” Randolph Charlton

“To pay my dues on time.” Omar Esca

“To continue helping humanity with compassion, peace, brotherhood, and making our world a better place to live.” Cristiano Jacobs

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Facebook Question of the Month. “Like” us on Facebook to engage with Masons from all over the world and to stay connected to the latest Masons of California events.

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