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January 26, 2016 @ 10:55 pm by admin

New Homepage Design for

The homepage has just been redesigned. This updated page streamlines content to make it easier to find, modernizes the interface so that the content is accessible across more devices, and helps focus public visitors on our fraternity’s high priority efforts.

Here are some highlights of the new design:

  • A slideshow on the home page focuses readers on timely news items, such as upcoming events, news from around the state, and new publications. These slides will change on a regular basis to highlight our various efforts.
  • Streamlined menus are aimed at a general audience, while member information, including all forms, guides, and documents, is now all housed behind the Member Center login.
  • All information about our fraternity’s charitable initiatives – from fraternal relief to community partnerships – is now located together under the “Masonic Charities” tab, making it easy to point to if prospects or new members have questions.
  • All Masonic Outreach documents are now located on the Masonic Homes page, a subset of Masonic Charities.
  • An updated education section makes it easy to find Masonic education resources, including videos and links to research organizations.
  • A new events section makes it easy to review upcoming member events – from leadership retreats to Masonic education events and even the upcoming Public Schools Month celebrations.
  • The convenient news section helps you to access all fraternity news in one place, so you can share it with your lodge.

Need assistance finding something in particular? Email for help.

All articles may be repurposed by any Masonic publication with credit to the Grand Lodge of California. Print this article and post it at lodge; include it in your Trestleboard or website; email it to members; or use the buttons at the top of this page to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

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