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February 5, 2016 @ 12:58 am by admin

California Freemason: February/March Cover Selection

The cover artwork for the February/March issue of California Freemason was designed by Chen Design Associates (CDA). For each issue of the magazine, California Freemason staff partner closely with CDA designers to capture the magazine theme in a creative context. Through this collaborative process, CDA fully develops two designs, which are presented to California Freemason staff for final approval. The team then chooses the direction that best reflects the nature of the magazine theme and content.

As the February/March issue of California Freemason is also the organization’s annual report to members, both cover concepts reflected the fraternity’s achievements over the course of the past year.

Shown here is the final cover of the magazine:


In the selected cover, the primary visual element is a large golden sun, positioned within a galaxy of stars. In the upper right-hand corner of the sun is the Earth, and an arched arrow overlapping in front of the sun shows the earth’s journey to its current position.

“An Annual Report is a document of time, a spotlight on the events and achievements of a single year,” says Max Spector, CDA design director. “The feature artwork depicts this 365-day journey in the earth’s path around the sun. A sense of hope and promise is intended, as humanity again looks to the stars and sees a bright future.”

Shown here is the runner-up cover:


“The fraternity’s myriad areas of growth and advancement are reflected in an array of icons and badges,” explains Spector. “Together they form a cohesive network of progress, significant individually but even more impactful as a group.”

While both designs captured the imaginations of California Freemason staff, the initial concept was ultimately selected because the iconography bears resemblance to a classic Masonic icon – the blazing star – and because it serves as an evocative reminder of how much can be accomplished within the course of a single fraternal year.

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