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February 26, 2016 @ 1:03 am by admin

The Qualities of Leadership

Last week, we asked more than 110,500 fans on the Masons of California Facebook page what they believe the most important qualities of a Masonic leader are. From being receptive and responsive to questions to recognizing brothers’ unique strengths, here are some examples of the qualities our fans believe are most important:

“Humility” – Russ Bittles

Making a diligent effort in helping the new Mason, as new Masons have so many questions. Nothing says brotherly love like answering or returning a brother’s phone call for help.” – Joseph Collignon

“Open ears and an open mind. Just because ‘It’s always been done that way’ doesn’t mean it’s the best way or the right one. Be willing to try new things and new ways. And don’t be afraid to fail. It teaches volumes.” – Phil Gardner

“Altruism” – Graeme van Niekerk

“Progressive to ensure the fraternity stays viable and relevant. There has to be an understanding of how to bring such an old tradition into practice in today’s time.” –Todd Beam

“Knowing how to highlight what is valued in people versus only identifying their faults.” – Daniel Navama

“Loyalty, compassion, and understanding” – Shivam Patel

“Integrity. A brother who leads with actions, not words.” – Tehachapi Masonic Lodge No. 313

“He cares about his community! – John Cover Spear”

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