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You can now pay your lodge dues online through PayPal using your credit card or an existing PayPal account.

Common questions:

  1. Is it secure?
    • PayPal encrypts your information in transit from your computer using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol.
    • See PayPal’s security measures for further information.
  2. What about privacy?
    • PayPal protects your privacy and does not sell or rent any of your personally identifiable information to third parties.
    • See PayPal’s privacy policy for further information.
  3. Is there a fee?
    • Yes, a PayPal service fee of $4.35 will be added to each transaction.
  4. Can I pay last year’s dues?
    • Yes, but you will need to pay for each year’s dues separately.
  5. How do I pay online?
    • Click on the PayPal button that corresponds to the year you want to pay dues for.
    • You will be taken to the secure PayPal web site.
    • Follow the instructions provided by PayPal to make your payment.
    • Return to this page if you are purchasing multiple years.

2019 Masonic Dues

$151.00 + Paypal Fee

2018 Masonic Dues

$149.50 + Paypal Fee

2017 Masonic Dues

$146.50 + Paypal Fee

2016 Masonic Dues

$143.50 + Paypal Fee

2015 Masonic Dues

$139.50 + Paypal Fee

2014 Masonic Dues

$139.50 + Paypal Fee

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Pay Your Dues