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Is the cleaning/damage fee refundable? Yes if the renter leaves the Hall with no more than normal routine cleaning is necessary, in good order, reasonable wear and tear excepted, there is no damage or graffiti to the property and all the rules and regulations are conformed to. 

How many people are allowed?  250 max

Is there curfews? YES as follows with no EXCEPTIONS!

    1. Music must Stop at 10:45 PM
    2. Bar Closes at 10:45 PM
    3. Premises Vacated at 12:00 Midnight.

Is Alcohol allowed: Yes, however, no alcohol or food is allowed outside the building during the event. 

Is there an Ice Machine?  NO

Setting Up. The renter is responsible for all setup and taking down of all tables, chairs and decorations used on the day of the eventunless prior arrangements are made directly with the building manager only. 

Decorating the Hall is to be done the morning of the rental from 8:00 am until 12:00 Noon. 

Room Size:  Main Dining Room is approximately 69 ft x 46 ft. The Coffee Room is approximately 20 ft x 27 ft. 

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