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What Are We About?

We provide all active Masons the opportunity to work within the community, from youth initiative, such as the Child ID Program, Outreach initiative, School Support, Holiday Programs for Families in Need and Many more activities to help support the community.

We are open-minded individuals learning leadership skills with the help, but not limited to the participation of all the Past Masters. Growing new membership is the cornerstone of the Lodge, with new members encouraged to be active within and outside the Lodge. The Brethren and families enjoy participating in Lodge programs and a casual atmosphere is encouraged at Masonic functions. We welcome you to ask about us.

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What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • January, 07

    Facebook Question of the Month

    The Masons of California Facebook “Question of the Month” asked our Facebook fans to name one Masonic-themed New Year’s resolution for 2015. Some of the common themes included becoming a better man, becoming more involved and engaged at lodge, and advancing within the craft. Here are some of the nearly

  • January, 06

    Media Matters

      Ramp up publicity and social media Throughout history, Masonic lodges have been at the center of their communities. They still can be. But first, you have to make sure your neighbors know about you. Here are five resources to help. Download them all from the Member Center:Log in, select

  • January, 06

    Celebrating a Remarkable Life

      Every day, Masonic Outreach Services (MOS) works with extraordinary individuals – seniors who have led long, rich lives, and shared a lifetime with the fraternity. Marjorie Goddard of San Bernardino, MOS’ oldest client, was one of these individuals. In July 2014, she turned 108 years old. She was a

  • December, 22

    Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand

      The Henry Wilson Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry celebrates an exciting new donation: an 1854 letter written by the famed California Mason, patriot, and Unitarian minister, Thomas Starr King. Also known as “the orator that saved the nation,” Starr King is best remembered as a fierce abolitionist and

Famous Masons

  • Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand
  • Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand
  • Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand
  1. Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand
  2. Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand
  3. Penned by Starr King’s Own Hand

Hall Rental Photos

Located in Glendora just below the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, this traditional reception hall has a room capacity for up to 250 people.  The hall comes complete with a 20 foot stage, with wings and changing area, as well as a sound system that will have you

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