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What Are We About?

We provide all active Masons the opportunity to work within the community, from youth initiative, such as the Child ID Program, Outreach initiative, School Support, Holiday Programs for Families in Need and Many more activities to help support the community.

We are open-minded individuals learning leadership skills with the help, but not limited to the participation of all the Past Masters. Growing new membership is the cornerstone of the Lodge, with new members encouraged to be active within and outside the Lodge. The Brethren and families enjoy participating in Lodge programs and a casual atmosphere is encouraged at Masonic functions. We welcome you to ask about us.

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What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • November, 25

    Masonic Homes Shine a New Light on Memory Loss

    Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia gradually distort cognition, memory, and behavior, changing the ways in which patients interact with the world around them. Those who care for memory-impaired patients understand that memory loss is never a simple diagnosis – it’s a nuanced condition that impacts each person differently.

  • November, 25

    Intacct: Grand Lodge Training Seminar

    Intacct In-Person Training: December 6, 9:30 am – 3:30pm Grand Lodge of California 1111 California Street San Francisco, CA 94108RSVP to: Intacct@freemason.org The end of the year is fast approaching, and the Grand Lodge is offering an in-person group training on Intacct, the online accounting and reporting solution specially designed

  • November, 24

    100 Years of Freemasonry

    In 1912, fifteen San Fernando Valley Masons met regularly at the First National Bank of Van Nuys, planning arrangements to open a chartered Masonic lodge. Given that the town itself was still brand new, they didn’t have much to work with. Starting and operating a Masonic lodge must have seemed

  • November, 24

    VIDEO: On the Level

    Happy Thanksgiving from the grand master! As lodges finalize plans to install new officers, the grand master encourages California Masons to be sure to invite friends and relatives to join them at their installation ceremonies. The Masonic Hospital Visitors Program Committee work to support Masons, veterans, and their families. Help

Famous Masons

  • VIDEO: On the Level
  • VIDEO: On the Level
  • VIDEO: On the Level
  1. VIDEO: On the Level
  2. VIDEO: On the Level
  3. VIDEO: On the Level

Hall Rental Photos

Located in Glendora just below the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, this traditional reception hall has a room capacity for up to 250 people.  The hall comes complete with a 20 foot stage, with wings and changing area, as well as a sound system that will have you

Emblems of Innocence and Honor: The Masonic Apron

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