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What Are We About?

We provide all active Masons the opportunity to work within the community, from youth initiative, such as the Child ID Program, Outreach initiative, School Support, Holiday Programs for Families in Need and Many more activities to help support the community.

We are open-minded individuals learning leadership skills with the help, but not limited to the participation of all the Past Masters. Growing new membership is the cornerstone of the Lodge, with new members encouraged to be active within and outside the Lodge. The Brethren and families enjoy participating in Lodge programs and a casual atmosphere is encouraged at Masonic functions. We welcome you to ask about us.

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What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • What Does Masonry Mean to You

  • October, 02

    Create Your Own Tracing Board Contest

    In honor of the beautiful works of Masonic art on display at the Henry W. Coil Library and Museum of Freemasonry, we’re holding a “Draw Your Own Tracing Board” contest for California Masons during Annual Communication. How the contest works: 1). Familiarize yourself with Masonic art such as floor cloths,

  • October, 01

    Invest in Success – And Change Lives

    If Nikia Durgin’s teachers hadn’t believed in her, she might not have succeeded in school despite overwhelming hardships at home. If she hadn’t believed in herself, she might not have had the courage to graduate. But if the Masons of California hadn’t believed in Durgin, she wouldn’t have a chance

  • September, 23

    Meet the New Masonic

    Last week, the California Masonic Memorial Temple’s (CMMT) newly renovated auditorium – the Masonic – made its official San Francisco debut during a Live Nation-hosted Grand Opening celebration and get ready for our own Grand Opening event: The 165th Annual Communication this October 10-12. With building improvements complete, we’re set

  • September, 11

    Meet the Thought Leaders

    Don’t miss these dynamic speakers, with extensive knowledge about our Craft and its development. This September 20 and 21, continue your masonic education at the Symposium on Freemasonry and the Creation of the American Republic. Register for the Symposium near you, and continue the conversation. John L. Cooper is the grand

Famous Masons

  • Meet the Thought Leaders
  • Meet the Thought Leaders
  • Meet the Thought Leaders
  1. Meet the Thought Leaders
  2. Meet the Thought Leaders
  3. Meet the Thought Leaders

Hall Rental Photos

Located in Glendora just below the beautiful foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, this traditional reception hall has a room capacity for up to 250 people.  The hall comes complete with a 20 foot stage, with wings and changing area, as well as a sound system that will have you

Emblems of Innocence and Honor: The Masonic Apron

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